miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2009

Video of the week 2!!

Hi Guys!
well...we're sorry of not posting in all this week...haha like 5 days but well :D
We've been having a very intense week in school because we are about to start finals and all the teachers go crazy and everybody gets super stressed out sooooo I decided to post in the blog and take advantage of this no-homework day!
The video of this week is one of the best commercials I've ever seen!! I looove it!!! P& me
see it all day! The video is the commercial for the fragrance "1 million" by Paco Rabanne!
In the video appears Mat Gordon [girls...as an advice I recomend you to google him if you haven't seen him and all his work ;)] and the video was directed by Paul Gore, whom now I love for doing such and amazing work! The video is great and it has an amazing beat... (haha see what I did there?) and the soundtrack is awesome as well, the song is "do it again" by the chemical brothers... The video is very catchy and it makes you wanna snap your fingers all day long haha lol
well...I'll stop talking and let you enjoy!

Image for the fragrance :D

Hope you enjoyed the video!
love, C

turu tutururu! snap! :D

viernes, 22 de mayo de 2009

Fashion strikes back!

New York, New York... what can I say?

i really can't say anything... I was completly speechless after I saw Erin Fetherson's Fall runway in the Mercdes Fashion week. The entire collection was fantasy-like with a touch of old-school rock and roll. The complete collection consists of 18 different outfits, they are all amazing, but I chose the best five for you guys to check out.

Love, P


ok so aparently a crazy flu atacked mexico city like 3 or 4 weeks ago..... so we had to stay in our houses.... and what do you do when your locked up and for some strange act of destiny you've already seen all the tv shows more than once??
you go to bluckbuster....
so i went with my cousin and found this movie called mi mascota es un zombie (english name : fido.... exact translation my pet is a zombie).. and of course who doesn't like a bad zombie movie right? i mean seriously my pet is a zombie?? sounds like one of those soo bad movies that are actually good i just haaaaad to see it.... but my cousin wass all like "we are not seeing THAT!!"... such a negative atittude.... so we didn't rent it 'cause wel... he was the one with the money...
but it just didn't feel right you know? i just couldn't be happy without watching that movie... if i didn't see it i knew that my future would contain desperate lonliness ... i'd be a spinster!! with 38 cats!!!! and a snake!!! and i don't even like cats that much!!!! and i'd have to have the snake 'cause then i wouldnt be differente from any other spinster!!! OMG!!! my future sucked!!
and i just coulnd't let go.... so of course i googled the movie.... and turned out it had won a lot of awards!!!! 13 to be exact..... and was nominated for another 13 !!! so i finally decided.... that i not only HAD to see it... but that i WAS gonna see it....
so i went to bluckbuster.... rented it... watched it.... loved it!!!!
it's sooooo good...
its a complete mock of all zombie movies... criticizes society and politics but not in a in-your-face sort of way but somewhat sobute... just amazing... an amazing sattire!!... such a good movie!
and not a good-because-it's-a-bad-movie sort of way... but because it's a good movie....
it's been almost i wek since i saw it and i seriously can't stop thinking about it...
its got a kick ass cast too.... its got carrie an moss (you know... the chick from matrix) as the mom billy connoly as fido, k'sun ray (weird name) as timmy and dylan baker as the dad...

it's set in the 50's well like an alternative 50's so too speak..... and well it's basically about that there was some weird radiation cloud and now everybody who dies turns into a zombie... but lucky for the world zomcom discovers that if you shoot them in the brains or behead them they die... and later they invent this weird collar that eliminates zombies desires to eat flesh; when the lights are red in the collar it means it's working, if it's not... well it'd be better to run in the opposite direction as fast as possible.
so know everybody has zombies! as their pets, gardeners, maids.... one guy even has one as his girlfriend! and timmy robinson also has one... but then his zombie's collar stops working and well... the zombie eats the next door neighbor.... but timmy loves his zombie!!! so he (as well as his familly) is going to do anythin to protect fido (the zombie!)
i know... sounds sort of stupid... but im telling vyou... it's really great

i'll add some photos of the movie.

heres the link for the trailer:


you've got to see it!!!


Quote of the day

Hi guys! Friday finally! I hope you have some amazing plans, because we don't. Just a casual friday, we're going to the movies and hang in my house, nothing out of this world. I just wanted to show you the quote of the day, its a really cool quote by Andy Warhol. He's the most famous pop art painter, he did a very famous picture of Marilyn Monroe (below) and a lot of excelent work you should check it out or maybe actually we could do some post about him in the future.
"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." -Andy Warhol.

Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol

I hope you liked it! I'll post someting else later
take care! :D
Love, P.

jueves, 21 de mayo de 2009

Video of the week :D

Hellooo! Well this is the first video of the week... and the videoooo is..... the commercial/ad/however you wanna call it "flora by gucci" this is the video of the new fragrance. In the campaign appears Abbey Lee Kershaw and the video was directed by Chris Cunnigham (well...that I know) I really love the ad because it is a beautiful scene and the effects that appear on it are great. the ad has a very feminine and sweet look <3 style="color: rgb(51, 204, 255);">(I will upload a picture for you to see it better) and comment if you want :)


First Song of the week!

Hi! haha well... after a very extremly deadly sunny recess haha we are back on our boring classes...
anyway for a little beat of enterteining I present you the song of the WEEK!!! yay!!! (Cheering woohuing and more) caugh caugh...

here it is:

Stay young-We the kings
Enjoy and comment if you like it!

=)Peace! M ! :P

Hola! Hello, Salù, Hallo, Aloha, Terve, Bom dia, Jambo, Goddag, Dag or Haoever (see what we did there?!) u say it

Ok... sooo... we were bored in class and decided... hey!! what the hell... let's do a blog!!
so basics bout us..
theres four of us.... P (she's small... in size we mean), M (well,,, she's staller than paola but who isnt?... oo and she makes great cakes!!!) C (she's got a big toothpaste-add smile) and k (pronounced caro the typer for the moment)
we'll blog pretty much about everything that goes on in our mind.... fashion.... movies.... tv.. music (we looove music) and things we think you should def check out (like todays quote, video song.. everything!!!) o and we might blog in group or individually... we'll sing it so u know who's talking... no... wait ... writting ... duh!... o and sometimes we'll talk (write) in english or spanish... depends on our mooth... mabe one day even in german!! or french... or pocho we'll just have to learn german or french) on... and we make stupid jokes and say "see what i/we did there" note the title... and say "if you knowwhat i mean" a lot too

we'll tell u bout us...
we're friends... duh!... we're in high school ... we're from mexico
so we guess this is the introduction to our kick ass blog :P
there's really not that much going on right now... we're making a blog wich is def gonna be the highlight of the day... and P & me are gonna whatch across the universe in cinema class... C&M are gonna dance around in drama club (clear: we're not as geeky as we sound)
there's 2 weeks left in school... and then finals.... nice...
i personally hate finals... i'd much rather do nothing ... haha =) or at least something that doesn't include memorizing things ill forget in a month....

the beat....